restore active directory, single domain controller

Running Win Server 2k3 R2, single domain controller (I know we should have a secondary DC, someday!) - I have a backup of all my VSS stuff, registry, COM+ and Active Directory on Mozy and also external hard drive. Our server recently crashed and I must do a clean installation. I know I have to go into Directory Services Restore Mode to start the restoration, but I have never done this - will this restoration reconfigure our domain on the server or do I have to configure my domain first and then restore Active Directory? Might be a stupid question for you experts, but I would appreciate some enlightenment!!
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
fecklessnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Setasoujiro, I actually read that page yesterday during my most stressed couple hours and reading it now is like "DUH!!!"

500 thank yous split among yourselves.
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