My OS is windows 7 and I use IE9.  Many times whenever I click on a link, I get the error "A problem with this webpage caused IE to close and reopen the tab".  and the link does not display.  Am I missing in adjusting any setting somewhere.  Thank u.
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Try the following:

1. On the menu bar, click "Tools" > "Compatibility View Settings"
2. Check "Include updated web site lists from Microsoft"
3. Uncheck "Show all sites in Compatibility View" (if checked)

If no improvement, try in no Addons mode (Start > Run> type "iexplore.exe  -extoff" without quotes). If still no improvement please post back with the web address of the site you are trying to view.
some sites are not compatible with the latest version of IE but IE 9 does have a compatibility button which puts it into an older version this is located to the right of the url. when highlighted it says compatibility mode. and looks like a broken page see if that helps with the page you are going to. I have normally found this works for some java issues.
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jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
in response to jcimarron, I do not see a version for IE9 in the list of files.  thank u
jegajothy--The first sentence of the link says "This script works for IE9 as well".  So choose the script that applies to your combination of versions of IE and Windows.
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