Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (BES) - Blocking Internet Access or BIS

Hi Guys -

Any research I do to identify if there is a method to block BIS or Internet acess on Blackberry's comes up short.  I am also aware that you need BES Full to route Blackberry Internet traffic through your own network so that it is affected by the content filter.  Is there any method to Block Internet, block BIS or route traffic through our network so that it is affected by our content filter?  Our previous version of BES express which was installed on our Exchange 2007 server would, by default, route traffic through our network.  I believe it was version 4.x.

However, now we're running BES Express 5.0 and we cannot find a good workaround.  I've heard there are methods to blocking BIS by excluding certain IPs in BES.  I've also heard that there are methods to blocking the internet applications.  And I think I've tried everything to force traffic through our network.

If you have any ideas, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you,
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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Unfortunately, BlackBerry Express does not give you the IT Policy granularity you need to force BlackBerry Browser (for example) whilst disabling the BIS Browser.

You can configure BES 5 Express to use Proxy Servers - see page 48 of the following guide:

Don't forget to modify the mdslogin.conf, krb5.conf filesand http authentication options:


This should give you some guidance and let you define IT policies to only use a certain network for internet access.

Sudhakar KumarManager IT Delivery- II at AonCommented:
You can easily define the IT Policy to route the Browser request thru MDS servers only.
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