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Server 2003 DNS Question on subdomains...

Hello! I got this request today and I am not sure how to do this...I am running Server 2003...thanks (names changes of course to protect the innocent...HAHA):

"Could I please have the following sub-domain:
Setup for the following primary domain name:
So that we can have the end result of zombie.horror.com.de resolve to the same place as horror.com.de"
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2 Solutions
In Windows Server 2003 DNS, load the DNS MMC Snap-In or select it from Administrative Tools menu, then add the DNS Server (usually the local domain controller) and find the Forward lookup Zone for your domain.  Right-click on the zone (horror.com.de in your example) and select "New Alias (CNAME)".  Enter "zombie" for the alias, the FQDN of zombie.horror.com.de should autofill for you, then enter "horror.com.de" in the FQDN for target host.

This will add the alias/CNAME record you need for your request.
exadmin2006Author Commented:
OK I can see how this would work. Didn't think of a CNAME. I wasn't sure if this was plausible as they asked for a subdomain, but it might be more a lack of understanding.
You could also just add another host (A) record pointing to the same IP.  I assume that they will then parse that subdomain information in their webserver config to send a different page to the browser.  I know that Apache works fine this way with a CNAME, and I assume IIS would as well, but haven't used it myself.

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