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I need some help.  We are a school district is 99.5% Windows XP.  We are trying to transition to Windows 7 and I'm having problems.  What is the best way to install network printers?  We have a 2003 server that we use as our print server.  (it's a virtual server)  The test machine is using Windows 7 x64.  I have gone into the print server and made sure it had x86 and x64 drivers.  When I try to add the printer on the Win 7 machine, I get the message that Windows cannot connect to the printer.  Error is "Operation failed with error 0x000007e".  Googling is not helping.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here are some details:

Windows 2003 print server
HP 9050 and HP 4100 printers (some use the 9050 driver some use the HP Universal PS driver)
For XP, we have a script in Group Policy that installs the printers
We have a 2008 server doing the Group Policy Management.  The print server is 2003
Error message is:  Windows cannot connect to the printer.  Error code is 0x0000007e
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The x86 and x64 driver should have the exact same name, use remote server admin tools from an XP machine to administer the printer on 2003 server.

Try restarting the print spooler then install the driver again, if that doesnt work  - On the Win7 PC, open the print server properties of the local machine, make sure to remove all existing drivers, maybe the driver exists already from all the testing.

Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Try disabling SMB v2 and IPv6, sometimes cause errors between Win7/2008 and 2003.
oops - I meant Win7 pc:
"use remote server admin tools from a Win7 machine to install the printer on 2003 server.
" You should see the driver versions and names when using the RS tools.
You might also consider installing the printer on de 2k8 machine, since this is more compattible with Win 7 and share it from that server?
andysealsAuthor Commented:
This wasn't the complete solution, but it got me where I needed to be.  The driver names were the same, but the version numbers were not.  Once I made sure the x86 and x64 drivers had the same name AND version number, it started working.  Thanks!
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