Exchange 2003 MDBDATA files

We currently have an Exchange 2003 environment comprising of 2 servers working as a cluster with a separate front end server.
The front end server is currently running out of disk space, and this is due to MDBDATA files.
We backup exchange each evening by doing a full backup of the Information Store.
When i look at the backup job, the front end server isn't backed up at all.
Are these files needed ? They go back 6 years, can i just delete a few years worth, to free up space ?

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SCarrisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ordinarily one would not expect to see MDBDATA growing on a front-end server.  The quickest way to clear these logs down would be to backup the server using an EXCHANGE AWARE backup solution.  I would also have a look at your list of services and see if the "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" is listed & running, if it is, you probably have a (hopefully unused) database running on the front-end.
AndrewLegAuthor Commented:
The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running on the front end server ?
If i goto computer management, IIS manager, it looks asthough OWA is running off this server, would this explain things ?
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