SureSync - Minimum Required Root Paths

We have 3 relations (Drives) setup for SureSync backup on our server, and every time it runs, it displays this error:

Relation "D Drive" is being skipped because it does not have the minimum required root paths needed to execute.

We've checked the root paths for all relations we've set up and confirmed that they indeed work and are valid. What else might be this error to keep coming up?

Thanks for your help.
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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
Had that error a couple times and it have to do with network interuptions with RealTime Monitors or permissions to acess the path.

I am getting an error "Relation [name of relation] is being skipped because it does not have the minimum required root paths needed to execute. What does this mean?

This error indicates that path(s) were excluded from the relation because they were inaccessible. If you only have two paths in your relation then you would see this error if one was excluded. This can also happen if you have multiple paths in a relation and all but one of those paths were excluded. There must be two or more paths (a source and destination) for synchronization to occur unless you're using a delete or skip rule which can function on a single path. You can configure your schedule or real-time monitor to retry to deal with this issue. When the paths are available again this message will stop occurring.

To correct, it disable them 1 by 1 to find the troubling culprit.

pamplinitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance. I doubled checked to make sure there were two paths and created a rule (that wasn't there before) involving the two paths and ran it. Works great.
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