Best Practices for recovering a Windows 2008 and 2003 server using Backup Exec 2010 and the remote agent

We are doing full backups of our Windows 2008 and 2003 servers using Symantec Backup Exec 2010. Our Backup Exec server connects to our servers with the Backup Exec remote agent and does a full backup.
We do not have any type of bare metal restore/recovery solution in place so this needs to be done without the cool imaging and bare metal restore options.
What are the best practices steps for bringing up a Windows server from a disaster recovery plan?
Our servers are Dell servers.
Looking for a Best Practice document to recover a basic file and print server running Windows 2003 or 2008.

So far I have some basic steps.
1. Boot the Dell Open Manage boot CD and configure array and disk partitions, ect..
2. Install OS from Dell open Manage CD, i.e Windows 2008 or 2003.
3. Give server name of server being recovered, same IP, and join server to domain.
4. Install Symantec 2010 Remote Agent on recovered server.
5. Do a full restore from Backup Exec 2010 backup to recovery server.
      (Should I restore system state first? or just select everything to restore)?
I would really like something more in depth with a Best Practice focus.
What basic steps am I missing.
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TheCleanerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a full article from Symantec on this very topic (I keep it bookmarked)
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