Windows Sharepoint Services 2 to 3 WSS upgrade fails with: ". is an invalid or loopback address"


We are trying to upgrade a WSS 2.0 to a 3.0 environment (mail goal: upgrade to Foundation).

Server = WIndows Server 2003 32 BIT STD
Sharepoint = WSS = 2.0

Upgrade keeps failing when upgrading the content databse (step 2 of the upgrade process). It always fails with this error:
". is an invalid or loopback address"

What I've tried allready:
Change the configuration and content databse via SP to use "SHAREPOINT" as host (servername = SHAREPOINT)
Runned prescan /fixlocalhost
Checked DNS settings (works fine, ping SHAREPOINT does resolve to the fixed IP of the server)
Checked if the MSSQL witch is running on SHAREPOINT, allows connections on default port 1433
Checked i in IIS the fixed IP is linked to the SharePoint site instead of All unassigned
Checked the registry value (MyComputer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\6.0\Secure\ConfigDB and the value of teh string dsn (contains the correct name = sharepoint / db / userlogin + userpass)

I'm really stuck for allmost 3 days now... Any tips hints would be greatly appreciated !!!
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willuxAuthor Commented:
Problem is solved:
Open de SQL Manager
Go to the SharePoint config database
Find the Servers tablle
You'll find 1 or more values with the servername that shows up in the error, in my case "." (dot)
Change it to the IP address or name of teh SQL server that hosts your SharePoint config database
Relaunch the upgrade and enjoy how it works :)

All I can suggest is working through this update carefully, step-by step. Here is a very good upgrade document:

willuxAuthor Commented:
Hi rattlerant, thank you for your feedback, but this error occurs between the final step of fase 3a and the beginning of step 3b, so when the actually DB upgrading has begun...

I've based my upgrade on the steps in the manual you mentionned... The real I need to soleve out is where Sharepoint gets the . (dot) from while performing an upgrade on the configuration DB:
". is an invalid or loopback address", there should be an IP or a servername...
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George K.Commented:
Try to update database TCP port so that default is 1433.
George K.Commented:
Also check with AD permissions
Grant Authencticated users with read permission
Also do not forget to issue IISRESET after this.
willuxAuthor Commented:
Hi Georgekl,

First of all, thank you for your post !!!

SQL is running at default port 1433.

The part of the AD permissions I didn't get, how can i check that ?

Best regards,


willuxAuthor Commented:
It works...
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