Can not download email body, can only download email header

We have an offsite IMAP server, hosted by a datacentre, and we have a shop which uses a Microsoft Windows XP machine for a till, and uses Microsoft Outlook Express to receive the emails via IMAP.

Last Wednesday the emails would come through in Microsoft Outlook Express, but only the header; if you selected the email to preview in the preview pane, the preview would be blank, also if you double click the email to fully open it, the email would be blank; and after 60 seconds (or however long you tell it to wait) we receive an error message which says:


If we add that mailbox at another site, for example, using Microsoft Outlook 2011, the emails come through fine.

If we delete the mailbox at the shop where the problem exists, and re-add the mailbox, the problem persists.

If we use a different program to download emails from the IMAP server at the shop... the problem persists


we have checked with our datacentre, and everything there is fine (as we know, because the emails work fine at another location)

the internet service provider say everything is fine.

Here is the spanner in the works....
if we add the mailbox on Another computer, at the same shop, the emails will come through, and download fine..... for about half a day, then we get the error message shown above...

 this problem has got our datacentre engineer, us, and the ISP scratching their heads.

Hope you can think of anything we can.. I'll keep you updated..
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gtl-workAuthor Commented:
A firewall rule on the netgear router which was set to block all, except the exceptions.. one of those exceptions was to allow IMAP in. this has always been in place, and never had a problem before. However, we removed the IMAP rule. and strangely it worked... odd.
outlook express is known to be really buggy, I would try another client if possible, or see if there are any updates you can install.  If you don't have access to MS Outlook, try using thunderbird to see if that resolves the problem
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>. try using thunderbird to see if that resolves the problem <--- The author says the problem persists with another email program.

@gtl-work  - Is the IMAP mailbox for this user too large?  ... Thinkpads_User
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I can't read today :)
gtl-workAuthor Commented:
thanks anyway mad hatter, good suggestion,but, yes its already been tried... this is a very head scratching issue... we tried thunderbird..

the IMAP mailbox size is fine, not too big for the DBX.. theres only a few megabytes in the mailbox... I could add a brand new mailbox, but it still cannot download the body of the email.

thanks for your suggestions,, hope you can think of some more :)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
There is a setting in Outlook (and Express if I remember correctly) to only download headers. You can check that, but I do not see how that would apply if you tried a different email program already. ... Thinkpads_User
gtl-workAuthor Commented:
No one come up with a solution, I worked it out myself in the end.
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