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Can't get a script to run properly with command line parameters when using ' eval su - user1 -c"Hello.sh John" '


PROBLEM:  Want to get a sub-process that takes parameters, to run properly when it is called by a parent process, and this parent process is being executed by a different user to the one running the sub-process:

e.g. Script 'Hello.sh' that must be run as user 'user1':

echo "Hello $1"

e.g Script 'm_Script' that is to be run by user 'root'

eval su - user1 -c "Hello.sh John_Browne"

I can't get the above to work properly, 'm_Script' just prints 'Hello', not 'Hello John_Browne''.

[1] This is just a simple breakdown of what I actually have to do, so please don't tell me I can run everything as user root.
[2] If there is another approach I can use that would allow me to pass information (parameters) to a sub-process that is to be run by a different user, please tell me how.
[3] Execution of the main program must wait until the sub-process is finished.
1 Solution
but what is in the script Hello.sh ?

It could be that it does not use the positional parameter $1
You need to get rid of the eval.

Just use

su - user1 -c "Hello.sh John_Browne"

Open in new window

Hope4UAuthor Commented:

[root@bb]# ll -h *.sh
-rwxrwx---    1 user1     user1          119 Oct 11 16:50 Hello.sh
-rwxrwx---    1 root     root          335 Oct 11 17:00 m_Script.sh

[root@bb]# cat Hello.sh

# PURPOSE: To say hello to an individual.  Uses the 1st command line parameter.

echo "Hello $1"

exit 0


[root@bb]# cat m_Script.sh

# PURPOSE: To call another shell script that takes parameters and runs with a different user.


echo "Executing [1]"
eval su - asy -c "${WRK_DIR}Hello.sh John_Brown1"

echo "Executing [2]"
su - asy -c "${WRK_DIR}Hello.sh John_Brown2"

echo; echo "DONE!!!"

exit 0


[4] Output:
[root@bb]# ./m_Script.sh
Executing [1]
Executing [2]
Hello John_Brown2


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