how to recieve notification of emails sent to shared mailbox?

using outlook 2007 a User would like a notification each time a message is received by a shared mailbox that user has opened in his outlook.

He would like the little quick preview message you see typically when you get a new email…down in the corner that fades away after a second or two.

I think it can be done with a rule.  But not having luck so far.
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Tyler LaczkoCommented:
By design there wont be any email alert or notification  for additional mailbox.

If you want a have a look on the new emails frequently, Add the inbox of the Additional mailbox to your favourites folder, the new email count will help you in indicating there is new mail for shared mailbox.

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frankbustosAuthor Commented:
where is the favorite folder? in outlook?
you could set up journaling on that mailbox, that would give you full copies of the emails sent to that folder.  That could be an option if you can't do it the other way.
Hi frankbustos,

As the others said, there is no native way of achieving what you're looking for with Outlook - you're not the first to be faced with that challenge!

As suggested by professionalcomputersolutions, the favourite folders option would seem to be the easiest option to manage:

To add this folder as a favourite folder:
While in Mail view, at the top left of the screen, you should see a small set of the main folders (i.e. Inbox / Sent Items)
Favourite folders
To add the other inbox to this list, simply click on the inbox within the other mailbox and drag it onto the favourites folder. This will have the effect of making the number of unread items in the second mailbox clearly visible without having to expand it and view the inbox.

Hopefully this helps!
frankbustosAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks!
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