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Is it better to install applications on a separate partition?

I'm planning to clean install Windows 7. Is it better to install applications in a separate partition (for eg: D:) rather than in C:
I'm not sure which one would result in better performance.

I'd appreciate any comments/insights on this issue.

Thanks so very much!
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My personal preference is to keep them on the operating system partition.  Keeping the OS and the applications together is a much more simple configuration.

If anything, some people utilize the old method of diverting their personal documents to another partition, but rarely do the same regarding their applications.  However, these days I keep personal files & folders on the same partition, too.  In my opinion, with so many tools at our disposal such as a in-place Windows 7 repair install and the "restore previous versions" capability, there doesn't really seem to be too much valued added to diverting either applications or documents to another partition.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
There are no speed quickness whether you're installing it to c or other partition. This solution will be used on servers or clients with partition shortage.
Its best to use the full partition for the OS and programs, no speed advantage to two partitions.
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The only situation that I would do something like this question asks is if I had very low disk space, then I would use a second drive, but anymore, this is not a real world scenario....
There are two reasons that one would install applications on a separate partition or physical drive.

1. Disk space -
a. The higher % of disk space used means performance gets slower.
b. These days disk drives (except solid state) are inexpensive so you could easily purchase enough disk drives/space.

2. Backup and recovery -
a. If windows crashes and needs to be reinstalled it helps to have all apps and documents on a separate partition. I have always found a clean install to work better than restoring it or reimaging it. If you don't have a recovery plan than I would go with separate partitions.
b. If you'd like to stick to one partition than I'd save restore points and make images.

Installing programs on a seperate physical drives or partitions are only needed if you are running RAID configurations and have limited space on your main drive as dou2ble and DK_guru stated.
progloverAuthor Commented:
Thanks so very much guys.. I highly appreciate your time and comments.. : )

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