Any performance increase by installing RAM in order by size.

I will be adding two 4GB modules of memory to my HP Proliant ML350 server, currently the server has two 1GB modules and two 2GB modules.  The 1GB modules are in the first bank and the 2GB modules are in the second bank.  The server is running Windows Server 2008 64bit.

Would there be any benefit by adding the new 4GB modules to the first memory bank and moving the 1GB modules to the third bank?
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Which generation ML350? How many ranks has your RAM got since that may limit the number of slots you can use.

In general there is a tiny performance gain with lots of small DIMMs Vs a few big ones (dual rank count as two smaller DIMMs in this) since you can read from one DIMM while pre-charging the other but it would be hard to measure except with a RAM benchmark test. A database benchmark for example would be unlikely to notice it. In your case you'd then have to guess where the most memory work is done and target the smaller ones there which is probably the lower area where the OS and drivers sit. Not worth even thinking about though.

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