Creating a single image using

I have a json object

{ "mode": "collage", "objects": [ { "height": 207, "id": 46, "left": 370.333, "top": 76.4, "type": "image", "width": 276, "zIndex": 2 }, { "height": 40, "id": 109, "left": 364.383, "top": 283.4, "type": "word", "width": 95, "zIndex": 8 }, { "height": 40, "id": 91, "left": 527.783, "top": 187.4, "type": "word", "width": 170, "zIndex": 4 }, { "height": 75, "id": 107, "left": 199, "top": 167, "type": "word", "width": 264, "zIndex": 5 }, { "height": 55, "id": 30, "left": 321.667, "top": 250, "type": "image", "width": 73, "zIndex": 9 } ] }

which contains a bunch of coords and a refernce to an image id, each record in the above object, points to a single image file and together they make a wee little collage.

Is it possible to combine all of these into one image within my browser, so that the user can right click and save it out as one image file.
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You can use the Graphics object to draw multiple small bitmaps onto a single big bitmap. See examples here
Where is the actual image data?
JDEE8297Author Commented:
the information I have is as follow(s)

id = record id of the image in the database, which I can pull back without any issues
left, top, height, width coordinates of the image

And that my friend is about it, I have looked at everything from using system.drawing to build the single image from a group of images, and so far no success. So any help you can give, will be appreciated.
JDEE8297Author Commented:
thank you
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