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Hi Everyone,

I have never used SAP before and am in dire need of pulling massive historical sales data and putting it in an access database.

I wanted to know if there was any way to get back end access (i.e. via ms access or an odbc connection) so that I can query out the data and not have limitations on size or rows.

Currently, here is what I have tried...

(1) Pulling data from the front end (SAP Netweaver). But it becomes difficult if not impossible to pull store/article level data and it often times out.

(2) Pulling data from BEX analyzer (BI) through excel directly. But this also has its limitations (65,000 rows).

Any help would be appreciated as I signed up for EE only b/c of this issue...
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gnurlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi vtahal17,

as mentioned before, SAP is designed to get data from other sources, not to give massive data away...
But you can always connect to the database (if you get user and password from the database guys) . This should be done with Access using ODBC as well ...

The other way around ist described here (get data into sap):

By the way , do you have query designer installed on your PC?
Its the frontend tools the BI guys use to create the queries you can see in Bex. Maybe this would be a try, too ...

Best regrads

Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
You want to get: "massive [amounts of] historical sales data [from SAP] and put it in an access database"?  Really?  Are you sure that Access can handle the data volumes you may encounter?

Is this possible?  In theory, yes.  (I'm assuming that your SAP application uses an Oracle database.)  

Is this wise or practical?  Maybe, but maybe not.  There are multiple ways to get data from Oracle tables into Access.  Yes, Oracle supports ODBC connections, so that is certainly one option.  You can use either the Oracle ODBC driver (that is part of an Oracle client install) or a Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle (that is likely installed on your PC if you have Microsoft Access).

The next question is: do you have an Oracle database logon and password that you will need to connect to Oracle?

Then, do you know the table name(s) and possibly the schema (owner) name(s) for the table(s) that you are interested in?

No, I'm not an an SAP expert, but I think I've heard that a typical SAP install on Oracle involves 20,000 or more tables.  If you don't have a list or chart of the table(s) you are most interested in, you could spend a long time searching for what you want.
vtahal17Author Commented:
I can split out the data in different databases...that shouldn't be an issue (I'm not on SQL server yet)

I'm not sure if the version of SAP that  the company uses (SAP Netweaver-SAP GUI For Windows 720) supports oracle and/or SQL or neither. This is why I'm asking all these questions.

I don't think I have an Oracle database login and password (I only have a username and password for SAP and SAP BI). So how would I go about connecting from Microsoft Access using an ODBC connection?

I'm not sure what the naming of the tables will be on the back end but when I go through the BEX analyzer in Excel it's called SCORE-PW7-Production BI. If I go through through the front end, it's called SCORE-PS7-Production ERP.

I'm not really concerned about the table name/owner for now (I know it will be a lot of work looking it up). I just want to estalblish the connection so that I can pull the fields I want and have it in a presentable format without timing out or crashing.
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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If the backend database for this SAP application is Oracle, you will not be able to connect to it directly with any tool (ODBC or anything else) until you get an Oracle logon name and password that is valid in the database.  Then, after you have that, the very next piece of information you will need is the table name(s).  Depending on which Oracle logon name you have, you may or may not also need to have the owner of the table if that is not the same as the Oracle logon name that you use to log in.

We obviously can't tell you if the SAP application you want to connect to uses an Oracle database, or SQL Server, or DB2, etc.  That is something for you (or your customer) to determine.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
In case that wasn't clear, no, you cannot "establish the connection" or "pull the fields [you] want" unless you know the table names(s) that you want to pull data from.
vtahal17Author Commented:
Might be a dumb question..but how do I obtain an oracle login and password? I was given one at my previous workplace but that's because we didn't have SAP (we had oracle and web based systems that stored our data).

By table name do you mean, p140 for example? I just know I had a co-worker that could tap into the back end of databases using Benthic (Golden) Software and an ODBC connection. Of course, we had oracle logins and passwords and he was an IT whiz, but I was hoping I could do something similar in Access.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
As I indicated earlier, I am not an SAP expert, so I don't know the SAP table names.  If you have "oracle logins and passwords" then connecting to an Oracle database and extracting information is easy.  If you don't have that information though, it doesn't matter what tool you have (unless you are really good with a hex editor) you won't get information out of Oracle.
Hi vtahal17,

to connect Access to SAP please read SAP
Note 583698 - FAQ note - MS Access Interface
but you need to have an SAP Marketplace user.

Best regards

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