Move SBS 2011 to Server 2008 Standard and Exchange 2010 Standard

We upgraded one of our customer’s servers from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011.  I knew about the 75 user limit.  I did not know that the 75 user limit added up the users and computers total.  This put our count up over 100.  Funny thing it never gave us any errors on the SBS 2003 server.

I think after reading the forums the best thing to do now is purchase two copies of Server 2008 standard and Exchange 2010.  I want to use the SBS 2011 hardware as the Exchange 2010/ file print server since it is a beefy server with lots of disk space.  I was going to purchase a lower end server with Quad core Xeon processor, 16 gigs of RAM and two 450 Gig SAS drives mirrored in RAID 1 and use this for the active directory server.  

Moving the AD to the new server should be no problem.  But I cannot see a way to move Exchange off SBS 2011 server.  Because it is going to use the same hardware as the SBS 2011 server.  Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
It isn't 75 users AND computers (sum of the two). It is 75 users with unlimited devices (aka user has desktop, laptop, and cellphone...still counts as only one user.). OR 75 devices with unlimited users (so a retail store with 70 computers on the sales floor, and a high rotating staff of 120 users.) OR, if you REALLY have an odd setup, a combination of the two (20 users with multiple devices, and 25 unrelated devices with multiple users, for a total of 55 CALs in this example.)

The rule is 75 CALs. User CALs must be assigned to a real legal person (does not roam among multiple not simultaneous) and allows that person to use unlimited devices. A device CAL is assigned to one physical device (again, does not roam) and that device can have as many users logging on or off as you want. But you cannot have more than 75 CALs assigned.

Make more sense? Does SBS fit now?

ditobotAuthor Commented:
Cliff you are right.   I called Microsoft and they said the same thing you did.  The problem we have is that CAL's they have are user CAL's.  they need to switch to Device CAL's.  Per Microsoft, they can call the reseller and have them switch the User CAL' to Device CAL's.  So, yes we will be staying with SBS!!

This customer is a school.  We have 30 computers and 160 users.  I am glad this is going to work, i was not looking forward to telling them they needed to spend more money.

Thanks for your help!!
ditobotAuthor Commented:
Awesome quick help. that is why i use this site
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