Is "make money online" a scam?

Sometimes I saw ads online about how to make money at home. Is it a scam?
earn money.
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JohnDeckerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
While you or I may call it a scam, the site would no doubt deliver some value and in the strictest sense can't really be called a scam. However you can get good free advice from forums set up for work-at-home people - try Googling "affiliate marketing" and working through the results.

Essentially you will be paying money for worthless advice using links which generate a further income for the company involved.

You can get an idea of the likelihood of it being a fly-by-night operation by looking at the site details and seeing if there are more similar ones out there.

The link you added ( consists of one page. At the bottom is the copyright symbol - but copyrighted to whereas the review supposedly comes from (at the top). The email address however is - an untraceable email account (to you and I)

The site is registered for the minimum time, one year, to Alex Smith of Wales, UK, and hosted in Texas. is registered to David Sharpe of Nottingham, UK.

I took a snatch of text and Googled it; it threw up more domains containg exactly the same review:

workonlinereviews.orgregistrant hidden behind Whoisguard
registered for 1 year
email - David Sharpe
registered for 4 years
email - Alex Smith
registered for 1 year
email (the signature at the bottom is 'Tom Jenkins, owner of - registered to Alex Smith
registered for 1 year
no email address, but you can get him at, I suspect.

This site gives some stats:
Most of the pages seem to make 1 or two hundred bucks a month.

It seems these sites are run by one person who uses two names and registers minimum term sites to give the appearance of genuineness - and to get more customers and a higher Google ranking.
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