php: showing google analytics

Hello Experts,

I am trying to show basic google analytics information from my clients website in their basic CMS admin section...


Visitors today
Referring Sites

I have had a go at all the tutorials i can find but still cant get a php version to work... can someone a) tell me whether this is possible... and b) give me a very basic example of this

Many Many thanks in advance
from a very frustrated maccaj51

p.s. please be kind... i am not an expert myself
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Why not just go to the Google Analytics pages and see the information right there.  That is how I do it - no need to introduce another level of complexity.
If your question is about how to include the google analytics into a PHP based CMS like wordpress, you can use this simple tips from this post:

Summarily all you need to do is to copy the google analytics to the pages where you want the analytics. You may need to use a file that is common to all your site. E.g the footer.php.  That way any page called from your website (assuming all pages have the footer) will be included in the analytics. Otherwise you might want to copy the analytics into every page.

This should further give you more insight about it :

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maccaj51Author Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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