How to import Service Classes/Policies in to a Citrix Branch Repeater

I have 10 deployed Citrix Branch Repeaters running Windows with the latest version 3.0.2 software. Each of the Branch Repeaters has a different configuration in the Policies which I want to make a single configuration.

I can export the configuration. I cannot seem to find a way to import a config. I could go through and modify each but it seems there should be a way to import a config on the Branch Repeater.

Where is the Import option?
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bobbymungerAuthor Commented:
I did happen to find that article after posting my question. I was hoping to be able to import directly on the devices. I will have to look into Command Center.
bobbymungerAuthor Commented:
Not exactly what i was lookign for, but it should solve the problem of being able to import what I need.
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