Routing VLAN traffice for redundancy?

I have an outreach center that has two links connected to one cisco 4500 catalyst switch. Both are passing VLAN traffic with different vlan interfaces. One of my problems is that if one of the links goes down I have to manually change the default path to the other interface to connect to my core environment. Is there a way to route the traffic so it knows when the path is down to go through the other gateway? iBGP? Can someone point me in the right direction of what I need to be researching?

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1) with static routes u will require IP SLA ..a bit complex
2) i suggest run OSPF/EIGRP  between them and just advertise the networks

Can you give more detail about what you're doing to change the default path?
from what I understand from your explanation, you will want to use an SLA for the interface.

See if that covers what you are looking for.
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For some reason I thought that you had dual wan connections.

Since I see it is just internal traffic I agree with Sanjeevloke, to just use a dynamic routing protocol like OSPF.
I don’t know Ciscos well enough to give you details but couldn’t you just use link aggregation (LACP or static) and VLAN tagging to create a multilink trunk over those two links with both VLANs running over them? No need to use a routing protocol if you can do this at layer 2.
DCSAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys.

I will look more in depth to OSPF as a fix. LACP was my next option if I couldnt firgure out how to route them properly.
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