Configuring Outlook Anywhere on a 2010 Exchange Server

Is a SSL certificate required to enable "Outlook Anywhere"?  If so, what type (i.e. wildcard, standard, etc) of SSL cert is required?
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Senthil KumarCommented:
SSL Certificate is required for outlook anywhere as the client will be communicating through HTTPS.
Wild card and standard certifcates are required for webserver access like OWA.The type of the certificate is depends on how many domains will be used for webserver access.
you can create a self-signed certificate and assign it to the IIS service in EMC. You clients will recieve an error saying cert is invalid, but it will work.
A wildcard is the easiest to use, but you can also use a SAN cert or even a single cert with just your mail server on it.
other services as well as outlook anywhere require the san cert, such as autodiscover, oof, oab.  It will save you future headaches to just go with the san cert
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