reverse proxy access to Terminal Server farm

How can external access to a terminal server farm be acheived via reverse proxy?  What ports are involved?
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
Typically the proxy is placed in front of the server farm. Firewall in front of the proxy to filter off the malicious or bad traffic like port scan, malformed protocol packet, dos attack like syn flood etc. the firewall will allow only remote service port to go through. The proxy can do a NAT to safe guard the non routable address of the farm and can even act as load balancer to distribute load to other farm. Importantly, the reverse proxy concept is to make sure server has the additional layer check to steer the traffic if need be. It should be inline and not passive tap. Sometimes content filter to check for data leakage are leveeage on the proxy since it aggregate the point of all server response. Can check out F5 bigip LTM and remote service desktop integration.
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