W7 computers cannot see domain resources

I have a mixed domain XP, W7, server 03 and 08. My W7 desktops have stopped being able to see other computers in "network" and in a net view from cmd line. XP boxes have no issues. I have IPv6 disabled but do have netbios over tcpip enabled from the DHCP server. I have a WINNS server as well. Users can access resources via URL from shortcuts or run line, can ping, FW disabled network discovery and IO mapper are enabled.  
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jiggyflyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved this by stopping the computer browser service on the master browser. I remotely ran nbtstat -RR using psexec on affected systems then started the computer browser service on the DC.
what do you get as an output of the net view command?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Check the nics on the Win 7 boxes. They shiould all be obtaining an IP and dns.

On the Win7 os'd, open a command box and type in
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /register
ping yahoo.com      See if you get four replies
ping (your domain Controller IP) see if you get four replies

If you still have the problem, see if all your Win 7 boxes are on the same network switch. If so, swap it out to see if that's the problem.
jiggyflyAuthor Commented:
to answer the Qs posed:

A net view on the affected computers produces 3 servers,
\\BANSHEE  HyperV, 2008R2
\\FILE-SVR-03          Server Room, file server 2003
\\SQLSVR               SQL 2005, VQ 6.5.2
The command completed successfully.

There is no crrelation with the servers, different OS, HW and switch.

I have flushed DNS and ran nbtstat -RR to release netbios cache and register in winns
PINGs all work fine it is not a connectivity or TCP/IP  problem per se.
*new development XP boxes are now becoming affected. This means it is not related to IPv6 or the new network discovery methodology in W7.
jiggyflyAuthor Commented:
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