Mailbox Database 2010

I am moving the Mailbox Database to the E: on a new exch 2010 install.
1st question: should i rename database name from mailbox database something else?
On the current exch 2003 on the E: exchsrvr _ SG1Data, SG2data, SG3 data
and the D: exchsrvr , mailroot, sg1logs, sg2logs, sg3logs
Do i need this on the 2010?
I want to move database and logs.
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If you have installed exch 2010 and have created the stores desired then you would move the individual accounts to the new exch 2010 server stores, not the database itself. The databases are not interchangeable to the best of my knowledge.
HubmanAuthor Commented:
I am moving the
 database file path
log folder path

HubmanAuthor Commented:
database file path to the  E:

log folder path to the D:
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