Trouble running application on Windows Server 2008 with Windows 7 client

Having a problem with an industry specific application for storage facilities. We installed a new Dell Server running Server 2008 Foundation. The application is a multiuser program that resides on the server. The workstations run the app from a shortcut to a mapped drive on the server. We have (2) XP workstations that run the app without problems. We have tried several Win 7 computers a Dell and (2) Asus's with 32-bit and 64-bit Professional and Premire. The Win 7 computers run everything but the daily closing procedure, it either times out or takes anywhere from 4 - 15 minutes to do a task that takes less then 1 minute to complete on the XP units. However, if we run the app in safe mode on the Win 7 units it works fine. We have tried with and without AV software same results. The tech support for the company says the have many clients running on Win 7, but most are using Peer to Peer. So we believe the problem lies in the Win7 - Server 2008 relationship. Any help here would be appreciated.
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pacom59Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses. Wound up loading XP on unit to make the same as all other units, works fine now.
For such case :

If u want Prove networking iisue : then copy whole package locally to the windows 7 to test.
If u now confident in winodws 7 normal mode issue: then compare the safe mode services with normal mode services . after check the difference enable one by one to see any serive can delay your application.

then drill down the case to see ....

Mostly it related 3 party serive ...e.g. antivirus ...issue ..etc
To expand on the above comment....

Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program

Safe Mode doesnt launch all drivers, and all services, as well as other applications.....
pacom59Author Commented:
Customer did not want to invest any more time finding solution when XP would solve problem.
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