Need to remove ECP and OWA Virtual Directories

I created my ECP and OWA virtual directories in Exchange 2010 and realized that I needed to make a change so I recreated the directories with a new name. Now I need to remove the old one "owa-ecp-notfba". How do I do this? I tried running the command:
Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory –Name “owa” –WebSiteName “OWA-ECP-NOTFBA”
but this did not work.
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sumit_aroraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please first run this command
get-OwaVirtualDirectory |FL identity*
Once you know wht are the identity then run this command.  

Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory "owa (web site name)"

Web site name is case sensitive
The syntax should be:
Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity “OWA-ECP-NOTFBA”

Or Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity “Servername\OWA-ECP-NOTFBA

more information about this cmdlet:
wassellmAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!
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