jboss jms cluistering issue

there are 4 application servers clustered in jboss say 01, 02 .03 and 04, each has a exactly same jboss jms queue called q1. batch job submitted from any of the 4 servers is always being processed by only first server(01) , i see no receiver count for other queues only 1st server queue has all the messages getting proccessed.. can some one pls tell what configuration in jboss i should look at ...

your answers will be much appriciated
nicky sAsked:
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for_yanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The first server is the first one to gets to the queue, so there is noting to do about. probably if you turn off the the first server the other ones takes over. Is the first server closer to the queue? is the queue manager installed on this machine?
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