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Blackberry password reset

My wife has forgotten her password to her blackberry. Corporate IT messed up and she has a total of 9 failed login attempts. One more and from what she understands her phone will automatically be wiped.

My question is if she lets some time elapse, say 24 hours, will the failed login attempt counter be reset to 0 to avoid the possibility of having her phone wiped?

IT caused the issue when they tried to reset her password but did not realize the blackberry servers were down so that the reset password did not propogate to her phone. They had her repeatedly try until there were a total of 9 failed attempts. Like I said she only has one more attempt as it stands to make this work and we are looking for a way to give her a little more breathing room
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Brian GeeCommented:
Corporate IT, presumably working behind a BES, should be able to reset the BlackBerry password (when the server comes back up), or in the worst case scenario, allow Enterprise Activation to repopulate the device in the case it gets wiped.
Brian GeeCommented:
Once a remote password reset is initiated, the user should see a message on the device that notes that the device has been locked and password reset by the system administrator (I can't readily recall the precise message).
pmckenna11Author Commented:
I think that probably answers the question. She so far has not seen any message other than 9 or 10 attempts to log in have failed. I assume that once the password reset goes through she will see the message as you indicate or at least the log in counter would be reset. I guess she should just wait.

I also thought that the data could be restored but frankly this is India based IT support and for stuff like this it is not very good. The guy helping her really didn't know what he was doing.

Anyway thanks

You could create a separate IT Policy with a higher number of password failures than normal and just assign this to the one device.



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