Changing ipad for new owner

A simple question but I'm finding too much conflicting info on the internet.

My friend has purchased an ipad2 and given me the old ipad.

How do I change the owner info, appleid, access to itunes, etc. so the ipad will  be the same as if I had purchased a new one? And sync it to the apps I have on my ipod and iphone.


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Plug in to your computer that has the itunes you use for your iPod/iPhone and open itunes.

Once it recognizes the ipad choose to restore
In IPAD - Go to Settings - General _ Erase all content and Settings. - Now your ipad will reset to factory default and will show the itunes logo after restart

Connect the ipad to your itunes and activate it. If you have already transfered your itunes purchases from your ipod and iphone to your itunes you can start sync with your ipad.

aijohnAuthor Commented:
It worked.
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