Crash with iOS 5

Hi everybody;
Recently I submitted my app which is a game to apple and my app which works fine with iOS 4 has crashed with iOS 5 and got rejected.  The only clues I have at this time is the error message "exc_bad_access" and my crash files which I have attached here.
I have no idea where to begin and I am a beginner but I have access to an iphone programmer and if needed I can find others too.  What I need to know is that if this is a common error and could be fixed or where should I begin.  I really appreciate any kind of help or clues that I can get to resubmit this app.  Thanks again for your time and help.  I have changed the crash files to txt extension so I can submit them here. DoingPoker-2011-10-07-092825-iPh.txt DoingPoker-2011-10-07-092825-iPh.txt DoingPoker-2011-10-07-093042-iPh.txt
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babak62Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the answer myself and it has to do with memory management and memory leak.  It is fixed and I guess we can close the issue now.
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