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We are building our environement to have the capability of providing email as a service. In short, the idea is that we will be having only one Domain in AD, but different OUs for different companies.  Once this is created, we can create different Exchange DB related to different companies as per their domain.  also, we may need to add a webserver that can handle email hosting as customer interface. i would like to add that above structure is all hosted in Virtual Environement.

Is it the right way to provide email as a service?

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This is indeed the correct way.
The only thing you would need to take in account is that you have only 1 certificate, yours.
So in order for autodiscover functions to work for the people you would need to create an SRV record in the client's dns as per:

also note that their are special license agreements for this :
ise_ITAuthor Commented:
simple and straight forward solution
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