IPsec Tunnel on Fortigate not working


The IPsec tunnel on the Fortigate box is not working properly. It was working before and nothing has changed on the network. I have checked the logs on the dial up client (Fortigate box), I get the following message:

Initiator: parsed aggressive mode message # 1 (error)
Negotiate SA Error: probable pre-shared secret mismatch

On the Server (Fortigate box) the log is giving me this message:

Responder: parsed main mode message # 3 (error)
How can I make the tunnel go up again?

On the Server
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theruckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
setup the tunell from scratch? probable pre-shared secret mismatch
it is never "nothing has changed"
check if both sides are set to aggressive mode or try to change the authentication algorythms
alee0786Author Commented:
OK, I have setup the tunnel from scratch almost 6-7 time already but same result. On the Server logs I am getting the following:

Received error notification from Peer: Invalid Hash Information.

I have checked and it is set to aggressive mode.
that means in general that the passwords do not match. chek your passwords if they are the same or if they are not too long
alee0786Author Commented:
Now I tried setting it up to different authentication algorithm and it started working.

So far so good, it is holding up.

Thanks a lot.  
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
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