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In days past with xp when I installed a printer to a workstation I would logon using an install user and set the default printer in that profile, then copy that clean profile over the default profile and remove all local user profiles to force the default printer to be set for each user when they logged on next. Obviously with win7 its not really a good idea to do the copying over the default profile with unsupported tools, so im wondering what other people do to control the default local printer on a workstation for all users. This applies to locally installed IP based printers or usb printers ONLY and not network share based ones (I already have scripts in place for network share based printers that affect larger groups of machines in the same locations) and would like to avoid a script that would need to be run at each logon if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Youre right, wasnt thinking locally....

In the registry....

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
"Device" is the value for the Default Printer.....
GP Preferences: Add a new printer, set as default

Have you looked at this method?

And BTW, good job on heeding the warnings, and not trying to mess with the Default User profile.....  :-)
JarrodAuthor Commented:
How would the gp preferences handle a local usb printer though ? I know i can get it to add an ip based printer locally but I also often customise the printer settings once installed locally so I dont think gp preferences would help with that ? I was looking for someone who knew the registry keys to update in the default users hive if possible
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