Help troubleshoot Linux Shell scripts

This question is related to past EE thread ids below:

Kindly refer to them 1st;  believe they're related but somehow
I can't figure out why the dos2unix conversion can't locate the
md5 checksum file.  It works for sftp put scripts though (as fixed
by the EE expert in the above thread ids), just that this sftp get
script did not work despite I implement the suggestion given above.
Perhaps I miss something calls
but somehow the dos2unix conversion in
did not work.  Inserting dos2unix in would work

Refer to attached

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I've tried this and it seems to work on my ubuntu machine - hte .md5 fie is successfully converted by

Please add this just before the unix2dos lines:
    echo $LOCAL_DIR/$FILE_NAME.md5
    echo ls -l $LOCAL_DIR/*
    echo file $LOCAL_DIR/*

Open in new window

Then show us what is in the log file (sanitised for passwords etc if necessary).

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Just realized I'm using a non-root UNIX id to run the script & the
dos2unix / unix2dos is not in this id's PATH.  So I'll need to prefix
the path for the dos2unix command.

Sorry, thanks for responding.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Just a point to note is that in one other script, I forgot to
prefix the datafile with $LOCAL_DIR  so it should be
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