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Please read comment in sample spreadsheet
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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Propolis, did you try my suggestion too?

For either formula you can use this concept to show a blank when D5 is blank


so for my suggestion that would become

=IF(D5="","","contract start date + "&DATEDIF(E$1,D5,"m")&" months")

regards, barry
Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
This formula will give you what you are after

="contract start date + " &(YEAR(D5)-YEAR($E$1))*12+MONTH(D5)-MONTH($E$1) & " month"

Just place it in cell B5 and drag it down. Note you will need to remove the formula in D5 or it will cause a circular reference

For more info on the formula see

barry houdiniCommented:
You can use DATEDIF to determine the number of months between two dates, perhaps try this version

="contract start date + "&DATEDIF(E$1,D5,"m")&" months"

regards, barry
propolisAuthor Commented:
Hi Michael,

This seems to be working except for one thing.  I put the formula in Column B, but no date in Column D, then it show a weird display in column B.  Can I hide whats in column B until a valid date has been entered in column D

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