Filtering of a string

Hi, I have a string
Eg. = 100

I just want the string container1, how can I filter this?
*note this container string might be from container1 till container100

I tried using str=right(..... But have a hard time figuring it out. Hope sone expert can help.

I'm using vb script
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If your string is always in that format, an easy way would be:

strA = Left(FullString, InStrRev(FullString, ".") - 1)
strB = Left(strA, InStrRev(strA, ".") - 1)
ContainerStr = Mid(strB, InStrRev(strB, ".")  + 1)

You could fool around to use just one variable, but this is probably easier to see.

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Can you explain it a little more because I can't follow completly. Are you're string always the same (with a changin name of the containernumber) ?

txt = " = 100"
pos = InStr(1, txt, "container")
txt = Right(txt, Len(txt) - (InStr(1, txt, "container")) + 1)
txt = Left(txt, InStr(1, txt, ".") - 1)

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Bill PrewCommented:
Another way to do this is using the Split() function, which will break apart a string into array elements, using a delimiter you specify.  In this case you can break apart at the periods like this:

strTemp = " = 100"
strFields = Split(strTemp, ".")
Wscript.Echo strFields(3)

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Just keep in mind that the resulting array is zero based, so the first elemnet will be strFields(0).

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