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Is it possible to schedule reboots on my guest machines through the Vcenter console using the tools? I know you can change the behaviour of the virtual machiens do when the host is powered on/off but i want to schedule one or two of my guest Vm';s to reboot in teh evening. I knwo i can do this at the windows level, but wanted to see if i could achieve through Vcenter. Vsphere 4.1.

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You can't schedule a the only power state option you can't set. All others (Power on, Power off, Shut down, Suspend, & Reset) you can schedule.

What you can do is set a scheduled task inside the VM (Windows) to reboot the guest OS.
See vCenter options in image below.
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MJB2011Author Commented:
So this way i can say reset a particular VM to reboot each evening through the Power Options?
Well, all options above are, by default, "hard" VM power options, meaning configuring any one of them does NOT do a graceful Windows shutdown. But you can configure the options to do a "soft" (graceful shutdown) reset. See Eric Siebert's article here:
MJB2011Author Commented:
Sorry im sure if i made myself clear. I understand the different behaviors of cycling the power through vmware, but can i schedule a reboot through the VM Tools? i want to schedule the reboot each evening. ]

Sorry if i missing the point here. But what you have described is for changing how the vmtools behave when executing the various power options?
You mentioned in your orig post you wanted to "sched reboot......through 'vCenter Console' using 'tools' ". My assumption by that statement is you wanted to configure a Scheduled Task for a couple of your VMs through vCenter Server, is that correct? If not, are you saying you want to use VMware Tools within the Guest OS? If the latter of the 2, you can't do a schedule through VMware Tools within the Guest (VM). You have to Sched Task in vCenter. So, in using vCenter, my screenshot provides the only options you have, which does not include a "Restart". Now, a 'Reset' is close to what you want to do. The problem with 'Reset' is it, by default, does a "hard" reset, meaning the Guest OS (Windows) is NOT gracefully shut down during the Reset (restart). So, what you have to do is configure the .vmx file for the VM (or VMs since you want to schedule this for 2 VMs) to do a "soft" Reset action. So, configure your .vmx file for the VM as noted in the article I provided by Eric. Then, Schedule a Task in vCenter (click the Home menu -> Scheduled Tasks) for the VM. If you have a non-critical or test VM, I would configure the options on that first to test the functionality to see if it does what you want.

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Why don't you just use the task scheduler on each machine, to issue a Shutdown and Restart in the OS, via a task schedule via a cmd file. (just like you would on a physical computer or server).
Well, that is my suggestion as well, but he mentioned he didn't wanna do that. A 'Reset' will do what he wants, with a minor .vmx configuration. So, that should work as well.
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