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Looking for an at-cost solution that is capable of reporting what websites date&time a user has visited and preferably send a report via email.

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WebSense has been arround a long time and has decent integration with network security/domain.  It has it's flaws though and is expensive.
Cheaper appliances:
The integration and reporting levels vary.

There are also several sofware based (bring your own server)
Some are even free (open source) but I wouldn't depend on them

What features do you want, what do you want to integrate with?  Many don't report well or are not able to pull a user name, just an IP.
fluk3dAuthor Commented:
IP would be fine - Ideally I would like something we can deploy throughout the organization however; I don't mind spending money on a stand-alone application that will get the job done for now
Acosta Technology ServicesCommented:
This might be a bit over the top, but Spector360 is fantastic at employee monitoring.  It allows you to perform your website monitoring as well as keystrokes, screen captures, file access auditing and more.  It costs ~$100 per seat, but if the company plans on expanding their auditing capabilities it can be a great resource.
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Ok, now you're descibing a decentralized solution.  The appliances will not likely work well unless you route all traffic to the Internet through one path or purchase multiple appliances to install at various locations.

WebSense can still do it with a client.  There are also cloud based version that act like a proxy.  These may be a client install or a proxy setting pushed out.

You could also look into "endpoint protection".  McAfee, Symantec, etc. now offer these packages as a step above the standard AV protection.  Web filtering and reporting pass back to a management server.

These are just general ideas.  From experience - WebSense is expensive but has a lot of intall options available = possibly better integration.  Support is slow and they have been slow to update software version.  McAfee is now owned by Intel and supposedly has some big changes coming.  They do offer the Internet controls as part of the endpoint package managed by ePo.  Not sure it would meet your needs though.  Pretty hard to get good centralized reporting without some sort of server or service managing the filtering.  That much data going back to the log server from distributed clients would be a bottleneck.  More work for the client if the filter is really doing it's job as well.
Since you only want web report, I believe passive monitoring is enough for you. You just need to setup a mirroring port in your switch and use a monitoring tool to archive the internet usage.

For windows programs, I would recommend "WFilter Enterprise"(affordable and easier to install) or "websense"(expensive but rich feature).

You can download their evaluation version to make a try.
fluk3dAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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