IE9 Freezes computer

I have read everything on the internet and can't find a fix, and I can't be the only one going through this.

I have two PC's both with win7 64bit and IE9.  One is Lenovo and the other clone.

More and more this happens.  You go to the internet either from email message or browser, and the page locks up.  The more you try to end the process the computer now locks up.  The only way to get control back is to hold the power button until it is off.  It seems to be in sum endless loop and will not respond to any keyboard or mouse input.

I have also made sure all add-on are all disabled.  This is not the fix, even though that is all you read on the internet.
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Put the computer in clean boot mode and then try browsing website.

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If everything works fine in clean boot then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.

*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
As you told, this is caused by third party addons. Have you tried to reset Internet Explorer on a one computer?
mleidichAuthor Commented:
Yes, but this is random.  You never know when it will happen.  
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Make sure it is not a hardware problem - boot with a live Linux CD, such as Knoppix and check if the laptop functions normally.

Try another browser, to see if it is only IE9.
mleidichAuthor Commented:
Yes I have checked the hardware on the laptop and desktop.  I believe it is only a IE problem.

It seems to be stable with Foxpro, but there are times when IE just works better with some web sites.
mleidichAuthor Commented:
Thanks is seems better.  It will take time to evaluate all the startups and non-microsoft services.  To see which one or ones were causing the problem.

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