Single workstation has to be rejoined to domain

I have 100 + users in an office logging into a specific domain.  One single workstation out of all of them receives the error stating "Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down, or because your computer was not found."  The quickest way I've found to fix it is to log on to the local admin account, pull it off the domain and then rejoin it.  

The problem is that it continues to happen to only this computer.  It happens about twice a month (the user is on it almost every day).  We use the same hardware and the same OS (Windows XP Pro) for all of our workstations, so I'm having problems nailing down exactly what the cause is.  Any one else run into this?  Any suggestions?  

Thanks in advance.  
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have you checked IP configuration? are you using WINS?
Did you delete the machine into the active directory before rejoining the domain?
Did you manage to check an possible network issue with this machine (netword card/ cable failure, etc...)?

Other tips than can make things mad:
- check time settings of the machine
- disable the "computer browser" service before joining domain

Another tip when you have domain unaivaible message and still want to log user:
Unplug the machine network cable, Windows will no longer look for the DC to validate credential and use his memory to log the user session (like a laptop out of the office), then plus again the machine and you are in.
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