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I have a magento website which is currently hosted on GO DADDY shared hosting: (DELUXE PACKAGE)

The website appears to run really slowly, whilst the onpage elements could probably be optimised slightly, i assume the main drawback is the load on the server? Could anyone recommend how i might speed things up? Alternatively, recommend a good (low cost?) hosting provider (UK preferable) that can handle the monster that is magento?

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Dean OBrienAsked:
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SSupremeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all I have to say that it is easier to work with resources for you, as you own them.
The easiest part is to optimize images, here are some (remember about format!):
Another easy thing to do is to place JavaScripts to the bottom of the page.
Also you need to enable Gzip compression,
Minify CSS file,
Minify Javascripts (this is hard bit).

About hosting:
If this website developed for someone in Los Angeles, hosting is fine.
If it was developed for someone in UK, it is better to pick local hoster for example
Dean OBrienAuthor Commented:
We opted to try out a dedicated cloud server.

Time will tell if it works.

Sorry for delay with that design, been really busy, will have something this week.

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