"User already exist" error message in ADUC

Our customer in Sweden running a single Windows SBS 2003 server with exchange and AD.

Some of their 20 users having the typical swedish letters in their name, like åäö.
We have Exchange configured so users can connect from outside with their cell phones to syncronize. Works perfectly for most of them.

But users with one or more swedish letters in their username are unable to connect from their smartphones, they are getting a "bad username/pass"-message.

I open up Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) to change hos username from "börje" to "borje",, but are then given the error message that the username "borje" already exist in the organisation. Strange.
I then tried to search the whole directory for both "BÖRJE" and "BORJE" and in both cases I am presented with the same, already existing, account.
Trying to log in from his client PC, I can use both names ans successfully login.

So, best way of solving this issue?
Removing the account from ADUC and add it again with different spelling this time, or what?

 User already exist error message
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Martin_RadboAuthor Commented:
Problem solved by deleting the whole account and add a new one with username containing only english letters.
if you can logon with  borje the mobile users should be able to logon with the same
Martin_RadboAuthor Commented:
Well, it do not work for the mobile user with borje.
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Can you successfully change the "logon name" in the "account" tab of the user's properties in ADUC?
Martin_RadboAuthor Commented:
"Can you successfully change the "logon name" in the "account" tab of the user's properties in ADUC? "

That is the strange thing. Then trying I got the message included in my original post, even if there for sure are only one account active for this user (the one I am trying to edit).

I wonder if Ms automatically add the non-swedish-username variant of the user in the background without my knowledge, but I doubt it.
Martin_RadboAuthor Commented:
No solution added to the thread by any expert so I had to solve the problem myself "the hard way" by removing and add back the account as described.
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