SharePoint 2007: Attach SharePoint designer workflow to workflow history list


I would like to know if the following is possible in SharePoint 2007:

Create a Sharepoint designer workflow on the Visual studio workflow history list to capture each workflow history item and copy the item to a separate list

The reason why we are considering this is because:
1. We do not have the time to create an event receiver to capture the list items
2. Workflow history items are automatically cleaned up after 60 days
3. We do not want to modify the clean up to extend beyond 60 days

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We were bitten by that, too.  Our workflows are few enough, though, that disabling that timer job is not a problem, pending a better solution.  Is that an option for you?  You might want to disable it for a time while you figure it out.  
baxleybAuthor Commented:
Hi Nsyyoung,

I hear you but disabling it is not an option at this point.

I decided to try moving the data using SSIS. I found a SharePoint connector on codeplex and so far so good.

I'll close this thread and open a new one if I need to.

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