Calendar duplications

Client has Outlook 2007, Google Calendar and smart phone, all syncing to the Google Calendar. Problem is old deleted events and reminders keep showing up in Outlook even though they do not appear on Google Calendar. Recently, after not being to resolve the issue, I removed the Google Calendar Add-In from Outlook so that Outlook would not sync anymore, and these old items are still reappearing!
Example: Within hours of removing the Outlook Add-In, Google Calendar reported that it was deleting 19 items. Client clicked OK on the message, and immediately 19 reminders for the old events popped up in Outlook. What? Computer was rebooted after removing Add-In.

From what I am reading this issue has been around for years, and some people never find a solution in their individual cases. I want some feedback from anyone that has felt with this issue if I am understanding this correctly, and, if you found a solution that worked for you, what was it?

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If these are just reminders that keep poping up and the Mail Items no longer exist
May just try running clean reminders
Close and re-open outlook using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanreminders

If there are actaully duplicates still remaining, there are several tools out there to help you

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westoneAuthor Commented:
The problem was resolved last night. There is a software named Companion Link also synching Outlook to a second Google calendar which is used by clients phone. I was not aware of this before, and it was synching both ways.  Once it was set to sync only one way, Outlook to Google, the old events stopped coming up.
westoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion.
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