Open Excel 2010 worksheets in individual windows

I have a simple question. I am using Excel 2010 in Windows 7. When I double-click a workbook, it opens - no problem. When I double-click a second one, it also open. However, after the first one, Excel open all the others on top the previous one.

I know I can roll the mouse over the task bar, and see all open workbooks. I can also arrange the workbooks from inside Excel.

However, is there any way i can get each workbook to open in its own window simply by double-clicking on it?
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Why would you need the files in separate instances of Excel?

Ctrl + Tab within Excel does the same as Alt + Tab in Windows, although I have read somewhere about that key combination changing in Windows 7. New combination Ctrl + Alt + Tab.

Rob H
There is a way, but it would involve messing with the Windows registry. Are you up to it?
patkengroupAuthor Commented:
I'm a LAN admin, and a couple of the users asked me if Excel could do that. They said it was possible with previous versions of Excel, but I had no personal experience with it. That is where the question came from.

I gave them your answer, and that satisfied them, so we are all good. Thanks for the quick response.
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