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I need some help with a Netbackup related problem:

I have an application that needs to be shut down in order to back it up. The application writes data to the file system and to a SQL Server database. I have written and tested an application shutdown script and application startup script. I want to:

1. Shut down the application
2. Perform a file system backup
3. Perform a SQL Server backup
4. Start up the application

I can set the scripts to run at the start and end of the backup job in netbackup but as you can't select SQL server and file system data in the same backup scope I need to run two jobs. Netbackup is version 7.0

Is there any way to run the two backup jobs seqentially so that they run one after the other? I can't find a way to do this.

Assistance appreciated - Jon.
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Andy De MaesschalckCommented:

there is a solution, but you can't setup this from the gui.

What you need to do is create a script that will do the actions that you describe, all in the same script, including starting the backup job from command line.

With the bpbackup command, you're able to launch a backup from command line, as you would from the gui.
If you script it to wait for the returncode, you can start all jobs sequentially from command line.

     bpbackup - Back up files to the NetBackup server.

     /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup [-p policy] [-s  schedule]
          [-S     master_server     [,master_server,...]]     [-t
          policy_type] [-L progress_log  [-en]]  [-w  [hh:mm:ss]]
          [-help] [-k "keyword_phrase"] -f listfile | filenames

     /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup -i [-p policy]  [-h  host-
          name]      [-s      schedule]     [-S     master_server
          [,master_server,...]] [-t policy_type] [-L progress_log
          [-en]] [-w [hh:mm:ss]] [-k "keyword_phrase"]

for more info check the command reference guide:
Type45Author Commented:
Thanks, sorry either didn't get or missed the email saying you'd responded. This looks like an excellent solution although scheduling from the command line needs some careful consideration when other backups are scheduled from within Netbackup.
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