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I think PHP is a good language for Websites Development.

But for web database applications, is it popular and easy. There are some features i think the language is missing like connection pooling, Unicode support, etc.

Am i correct? any ideas about using php for web database application versus something like apex or pl/sql for oracle 11g database.

I think apex Rapid development tool is faster but the only drawback is it is proprietary solution that works with oracle only (locks you).
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Our shop is happy with .Net and Oracle.

I doubt you will find anyone that says one product is 'best' over another.  You should go with what you know or a product that is similar with what you know.

For example:  If you have a lot of C++ coders, C# might be a good choice.  VB Programmers, VB.Net.
sam15Author Commented:
.NET is also proprietary language (MS windows only - unlike JAVA) and I dont think this easy to develop with such as APEX or PHP. It takes a long learning curve and long development time. correct?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Yes, .Net is strictly Windows.  Technically all languages are 'proprietary'.

I don't think it has any more of a learning curve as any other tool/product.  At times less.  Per my example above, if you have a lot of VB programmers, what do you think they will pick up quicker:  VB.Net, PHP or Java?

With Visual Studio, you can prototype/develop apps pretty quick.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Unicode support exists in PHP and it works, but it is rather lame.  It's sort of like the PHP4 implementation of OOP -- it will be better in the next release.  

PHP and MySQL scale very well.  Facebook is a PHP machine, as are major parts of Yahoo.  Digg is a PHP machine.  So if the question goes to any ideas about using php for web database application I think we can say, "Yes.  It's fine for that."

Peter Norvig says, "use whatever your friends use."

HTH, ~Ray
sam15Author Commented:
yes, facebook and yahoo are websites though. I do not think you can say these are online transaction systems (like banking, airlines, etc). There is ver light database transactions with websites.

Now on the unicode native support, I


PHP 6.0 was supposed to support Unicode but it was delayed and is uknown now.
SO i do not know if you have a UNICODE database (multilingual language) whether PHP will work or not. As i udnerstand they had to do a differnt PHP for japanese language.
The development of PHP 6 has been delayed because the developers have decided the current approach to handling of instance unicode is not a good one, and are considering alternate ways in the next version of PHP. The updates that were intended for PHP 6 were added to PHP 5.3.0(namespace support, Late Static Bindings, lambda functions, closures, goto) and 5.4.0(traits, closure rebinding) instead.
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