link in Outlook 2010 to a secured PDF not working correctly

Good day!

I have come across an odd behaviour that I can't seem to resolve to my management's satisfaction.  Here are the particulars:

• 1 fairly large PDF file (10MB) in a directory on an IIS website
• directory is secured so that visitors have to use a login and password to access contents
• security is setup on the directory through IIS with anonymous and default visitors disabled on this particular directory; login represents the user that does have access
• there is no security on the PDF file itself
• we want to include a link to the secured file in an email going out to senior management and board members
• when users click on link in Outlook 2010, the IE browser opens up and says 'Internet Explorer can not display page' and includes the link to diagnose the connection

If you refresh the page with the error still displayed, the anticipated login box appears.  If you have another browser set as the default browser (Chrome and FFox were tested), the login box appears.  If you access the email via a web-mail interface and IE opens, the login box appears.  I tried various security settings in IE - disabling protected viewing, lowering the security settings - but nothing appeared to have corrected the problem.

The issue appears to be something between Outlook and IE on that initial click.  Unfortunately, because this is going to senior management and board, we are REALLY trying to avoid statements like 'If the file does not at first appear, click refresh' or 'Change your default browser to some worthy software...'

Any ideas or thoughts on what is happening or how to correct?  Unfortunately, time is of the essence (isn't it always?).

Thanks in advance for anything offered!
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chipsterva69Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I had forgotten to close this out.  Unfortunately, sending Word was not an option, and we never did find a solution to this issue.  Luckily, for now it is a minor issue.
Since Outlook 2007, Outlook has become more and more security conscious / restricted when accessing Links or URLs from the Email Itself.

Especially ones that go out to the internet.

If it were me, I would just put the Body of the Email w/ link into a Word Document.
I wold test it from Word, It SHould work.

If it works from Word, I would then email them the Word Document.
chipsterva69Author Commented:
no solution found.
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