Best way to install a large number of desktops

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i need to setup 40 HP Pro 3305 Desktops, so im looking for the easiest / smartest way to do this. We have a server 2003 domain setup so im looking for suggestions of maybe some how rolling out a image over the network, but im not sure how to do this. So far I have setup one PC as much as I can and imaged it to a spare hdd. Ive not added the image PC to the domain yet as this would cause issues with 40 PCs all called the same name. My plan so far is to just remove the disks from all 39 PCs and clone them and then rename the PCs and join to the domain, but im sure this isnt the easiest way to go about things?
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There are many programs that can "image" a pc across the network using PXE.

Windows has a builtin service called Windows Deployment Service. Personally, for 40 devices, I would just do it manually unless you have time to configure the WDS infrastructure.

When you create your images, make sure you SYSPREP so you get unique SIDs on all your domain PCs.
Hi corecc,

If your PC are able to boot from PXE (Boot on the network it's the on all the new PC)
You should take a look to
It's free and open source project.

If you want a commercial solution on Windows i suggest you
coreccAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bxoz for your comments ive just be looking at windows deployment services, this looks like it could be the way to go. I have a server 2008 os on the network so i could run from there.
coreccAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you for the advice, I think I will give windows deployment service a go as we also have another 110 thin clients which sometimes need re flashing, so it may be worth the hassle of setting up..
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